Executive Peer Circle

HiveFlex Membership


HiveFlex offers membership types for:

  • Individuals; and
  • Organizations.

In a nutshell, here are the benefits of each membership:

Benefits Individuals Organizations
Free access to HiveFlex Community (online and offline groups and events) Yes Yes
Free access to HiveFlex Academy (updated online content and interaction with peers) Yes Yes
Receive discounts to all HiveFlex Learning Courses 10% 10% (per employee)
Earn HiveFlex Certificates and Credentials Yes Yes (per employee)
Get the opportunity to become an HiveFlex Instructor (to teach HiveFlex Foundation Courses) Yes Yes (per employee)
Get the opportunity to become an HiveFlex Facilitator (to facilitate HiveFlex Outcome Workshops) Yes Yes (per employee)
Free access to HiveFlex Executive Peer Circles (2h/session):
– Anticipate and act on new trends.
– Build a strong professional network.
– Develop yourself by learning together.
– Have a voice in the HiveFlex Research.
– Have a voice in the HiveFlex Development.
– Access exclusive tools, templates, and assessements.
– Exclusive peer groups of senior executives (by invitation only).
Free HiveFlex Executive Advisory Sessions (3-4h/session) on the following Practice Areas:
– Culture Shaping
– Talent Development
– Strategy Development
– Leadership Development
– Organizational Effectiveness
(2 sessions/yr)
Receive discounts to all HiveFlex Outcome Workshops to help you tackle complex challenges:
– Strategy Mapping
– Strategy Pathways
– Business Modelling
– Roadmap Options
– Value Stream Mapping
– System Flow Analysis
– Team Kickstart
– Scaling Cooperation
– Fast Prototyping
Receive discounts to HiveFlex Enterprise Frameworks and their respective implementations:
– Culture Shaping
– Talent Development
Receive discounts to all HiveFlex Conferences & Retreats.   10%
Value (excluding VAT) 60 EUR/year Contact us below!


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