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For whom is HiveFlex?

HiveFlex is aimed at experienced and senior people (executives, directors, managers, coaches, product/service/project managers, solution leads, etcetera) who manage, guide, or shape an organization’s “raison d’être”, its systems, strategy, design, policies, and relationships with the surrounding environment and landscape.

Why HiveFlex?

In today’s increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, it is increasingly urgent for our civilization to strike the right balance with our deepest human needs, the natural world, and the planet to which we all belong.

HiveFlex’s mission is to give you the thinking models and pragmatic methods that will help you design and guide the viable, resilient, and healthy organizations and societies of today and tomorrow.

What is HiveFlex?

HiveFlex is:

  • a set of archetypes to build those methods and design management models tailored to specific contexts;
  • a set of methods to implement the HiveFlex Compass Framework & Principles according to specific contexts;
  • a set of learning courses & paths to increase people’s competencies and organization’s capabilities in a range of fields;
  • a conceptual framework that provides ways of looking (perspectives) at organizations and societies, or an aspect of them;
  • a set of first principles to design, guide, and regenerate viable, resilient, and healthy organizations and social-ecological systems;
  • a set of models that seek to represent reality or some aspect of it, allowing exploration without encountering the irreversibility of the real world; and
  • a set of services designed to guide, enhance, or change complex systems and satisfy the needs or aspirations of people, organizations, or social-ecological systems.

In more simple terms, HiveFlex is an #opensource #approach for developing healthy complex adaptive systems (#CAS).

Who are we?

HiveFlex is a joint effort of several authors to develop models, methods, and tools using insights and knowledge from Complex Adaptive Systems theory, and other related disciplines in social systems such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, economy, cybernetics, urbanism, biology, and ecology.

Photo credits: Bechy Phan.