From a chrysalis to a butterfly.


January 5, 2022 (version 4.1):

  • Changed the following socio-natural pattern name (following feedback) to improve phenomenology (the way we perceive things and socially enact meaning), better align with the Biology end Ecology fields, and also map/abstract all 4 socio-natural patterns not only to system states but also to system functions:
    • “On Organization – Improve Coherence:” became “On Regulation – Improve Coherence:”.
  • Updated the HiveFlex Compass Framework visualization.

January 3, 2022 (version 4.0):

  • Changed all socio-natural patterns’ names to improve phenomenology (the way we perceive things and socially enact meaning):
    • “Encourage Evolution:” became “On Evolution – Encourage Diversity:”.
    • “Increase Resilience:” became “On Succession – Increase Resilience:”.
    • “Improve Coherence:” became “On Organization – Improve Coherence:”.
    • “Promote Cooperation:” became “On Adaptation – Promote Fitness:”.
  • Changed the following 2 principles:
    • “Protect and restore natural and cultural heritage” became “Preserve and restore natural and cultural heritage”.
    • “Disintermediate information and synthesize common knowledge” became “Disintermediate information and codify common knowledge”.
  • Reshuffled all socio-technical and socio-ecological principles across all socio-natural patterns to better match the above phenomenology and praxis.
  • Improved the HiveFlex Compass Framework visualization.
  • Improved ontology (the way things are): main system states (evolution, succession, organization, adaptation) and system properties (diversity, resilience, coherence, fitness).
  • Improved epistemology (the way we know things and make decisions): added enthalpy (system energy) and entropy (degrees of freedom) from physics/chemistry as core system dimensions/concepts (typology) and core processes for each system state (emergence, divergence, convergence, inference).

August 13, 2021 (version 3.0):

  • Changed all socio-natural patterns’ names:
    • “On divergence and innovation:” became “Increase Resilience:”.
    • “On interdependence and stewardship:” became “Promote Cooperation:”.
    • “On convergence and coherence:” became “Improve Coherence:”.
    • “On self-integration and evolution:” became “Encourage Evolution:”.
  • Changed the following sentences:
    • In the 2nd paragraph: “… it is imperative that we leverage the collective…” became “… we must leverage the collective…”.
  • Added the first HiveFlex Compass Framework visualization.
  • Added Open Organizational Patterns to Acknowledgments.

December 13, 2019 (version 2.0):

  • Added 4 new principles:
    • Start small, explore the edges, and value the marginal.
    • Apply self-regulation and respond positively to feedback.
    • Value, use, and store local renewable resources and energy.
    • Generate a yield through reciprocal relationships over time.
  • Changed the following 8 principles:
    • “Nurture all life and nature” becameWork with nature and nurture all life”.
    • “Respect cultural heritage” becameProtect and restore natural and cultural heritage”.
    • “Increase optionality, redundancy, and variety” becameIncrease optionality, redundancy, and diversity”.
    • “Make people safe and provide opportunities for all” becameBuild safety in and provide opportunities for all”.
    • “Develop people and human sensor networks” becameDevelop human intelligence and human-sensor networks”.
    • “Scale modularity, recombination, and above all, trust” becameScale decomposition, recombination, and above all, trust”.
    • “Protect privacy and facilitate social interactions” becameProtect privacy and foster interactions through open protocols”.
    • “Disintermediate information and synthesize knowledge” becameDisintermediate information and synthesize common knowledge”.
  • Changed the following sentences:
    • In the 2nd paragraph: “… to design and guide viable, resilient and healthy organizations and societies…” became “… to design, guide and regenerate viable, resilient and healthy socio-technical and socio-ecological systems…”.
    • In the last paragraph: “… for organizations and societies to co-evolve…” became “… for socio-technical and socio-ecological systems to co-evolve…”.
    • In the last paragraph: “… and ambiguous world” became “… and ambiguous world we currently live in.”.
  • Added Biomimetics, Permaculture, and Ecosystem Ecology & Services to Acknowledgments.
  • Added appropriate links to all scientific and empirical fields to Acknowledgments.

September 13, 2019 (version 1.0):

  • Original version.
  • Original 4 socio-natural patterns.
  • Original 16 socio-technical and socio-ecological principles.

Photo credits: Suzanne D. Williams.