Lean & Agile Thinking


A stunning introductory learning experience into the world of lean & agile.


  • Online: 10 sessions x 1.5h/session.
  • Offline: 2 consecutive days (roughly 16 hours), to be resumed after the current COVID19 pandemic is over.


  • Online: Mural (digital content and collaboration) + Discord (chat and voice workgroups and classrooms) + HiveFlex.org (online community).
  • Offline: Beautiful natural/cultural sites, usually in Portugal + Mural (digital content and collaboration) + HiveFlex.org (online community).

Class Size

  • Between 10 and 15 participants.


  • Online: 995 EUR (excluding VAT) per participant.
  • Offline: 1,495 EUR (excluding VAT) per participant. 


  • People and organizations that are new to lean/agile.
  • Lean/agile team members: developers, testers, designers, system admins, project managers, service managers, product managers, coaches, etc…
  • Managers and stakeholders who need to support and/or work with lean/agile teams.
  • Everyone that wants to have fun and learn through play 🙂

Instruction Method

  • Videos & discussions.
  • Interactive dialogues.
  • Hands-on exercises.
  • Experiential learning (simulations or real applications).

Course Prerequisites

  • Your open mind!
  • Your good mood!


The following major topics will be covered during this training, in blocks of 1,5h:

  • Session #1: Japanese Lean Thinking
    • Toyota after WWII
    • Lean Flow Cycle
    • Lean Principles overview
    • Lean Practices overview
  • Session #2: From Lean to Scrum/XP to the Agile Manifesto
    • The New New Product Development Game
    • Scrum Framework overview
    • XP (Extreme Programming) overview
    • The Agile Manifesto for Software Development
    • xScrum Framework overview
  • Session #3: From Toyota Way to Modern Military thinking to HiveFlex
    • OODA Loop
    • HiveFlex Multi-loop
    • Warfare Levels
    • HiveFlex Management Levels
    • The Toyota Way
    • HiveFlex Compass
  • Session #4: Connecting the dots: Cynefin Framework overview
    • Systems Thinking overview
    • Complexity Theory overview
    • Cynefin core domains overview
    • Cynefin basic dynamics overview
    • When to use and not use lean?
    • When to use and not use agile?
  • Session #5: Wrapping up: main lean/agile concepts
    • Phase-gates vs Iterations vs Flow
    • Efficiency vs Effectiveness
    • Value vs Work vs Deliverables
    • Iterative (design) vs Incremental (development)
    • Inputs vs Activities vs Outputs vs Outcomes vs Impacts
    • Waste types
    • Wasteful vs Value-added vs Non-value-added activities
  • Session #6: Game simulation or real-world application (xScrum based)
  • Session #7: Game simulation or real-world application (xScrum based)
  • Session #8: Game simulation or real-world application (xScrum based)
  • Session #9: Game simulation or real-world application (xScrum based)
  • Session #10: Game/application Review, Classroom Retrospective, and Training Debrief

Recognition & Rewards

  • HiveFlex Associate credential (electronic badge).
  • HiveFlex Lean & Agile Foundations certificate of achievement (electronic badge).
  • Free HiveFlex Online Community membership for 1 year.