Children learning together outside.


Why do we need learning?

In a nutshell, we need learning to develop new skills, reskill, or upskill.

Consider this: all advanced societies make heavy investments in the education of their citizens.

And why do they do it? Because without skilled citizens we don’t have a healthy society.

And without a healthy society, we will never have an affluent economy.

And yes, this same rationale applies to organizations, small or large.

Learning offer

As of today, we offer both public and private classes worldwide, structured in 2 levels:

  • Essential knowledge (stage 1) for people to acquire, understand, and recall the essence of the core concepts and knowledge on which HiveFlex is built upon (know what):
  • Qualification skills (stage 2) for people to apply the above knowledge into specific social-technical domains by using methods and practices from HiveFlex and other authors/sources (know-how):
    • Lean & Agile:
      • Team Dynamics
      • Flow Systems Design
      • Flow Systems Management
    • Complex Systems:
      • Strategy Mapping
      • Strategy Foresight
      • Value Stream Development
    • Change Management:
      • Kanban Method
      • Open Space Agility
      • Improvement Kata
    • Contextual Leadership:
      • Service Management
      • Product Management
      • Organization Management
    • Coaching & Mentoring:
      • Team Coaching
      • Individual Coaching
      • Individual Mentoring

Photo credits: Rachel.