Children learning together outside.


Why do we need learning? In a nutshell, we need learning to develop new skills, reskill, or upskill. Consider this: all advanced societies make heavy investments in the education of their citizens. And why do they do it? Because without skilled citizens we don’t have a healthy society. And without a healthy society, we will …

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From a chrysalis to a butterfly.


September 13, 2019 (version 1.0): Original text version. Original 4 socio-natural patterns. Original 16 socio-technical principles. December 13, 2019 (version 2.0): Added 4 new socio-ecological principles: Start small, explore the edges, and value the marginal. Apply self-regulation and respond positively to feedback. Value, use, and store local renewable resources and energy. Generate a yield through …

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Sagres Fortress Compass Windrose.


Let’s build a better future together! As our civilization advances, we will be more and more pressured to connect our ingenuity and creativity to our deepest human needs, the natural world, and the planet to which we all belong. To meet these challenges, it is imperative that we leverage the collective wisdom we have acquired …

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Green grass field on a cloudy sky during day time.


Welcome to HiveFlex! If you are new to HiveFlex, please read the below introduction. If you want to learn more about HiveFlex, please go to Learning. If you are a member, want to read exclusive content, and learn more about HiveFlex, please Log In. For whom is HiveFlex? HiveFlex is aimed at experienced and senior …

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