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Nuno Rafael Gomes
Nuno Gomes

HiveFlex Author | Steward

Nuno’s self-discovery journey throughout the years connects Organizational agility, Lean thinking, Kaizen philosophy, Complex Adaptive Systems, and the invisible power of TPS and Scrum, across different industries such as construction, manufacturing, e-commerce, telecommunications, consumer products, and business consulting.

Nuno has founded 2 companies, started a distributed autonomous (lean/agile) community (DAC), helped grow a small startup into a billion-dollar e-commerce company listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), trained +5.000 people since 1999, and coached hundreds of teams and individuals in lean, agile, complexity, leadership, and strategy.

André Ribeiro
André Ribeiro

HiveFlex Author

Andre‘s business background spans over 20 years of executive coaching with diverse areas of telecom, retail, energy, investments, software, and top business schools.  He developed start-up businesses into multi-million-dollar e-commerce, travel, and digital marketing companies. Certified in Lean Kanban and Business Agility.